Business Photography

I work with businesses to capture their corporate identity. Whether you are seeking professional headshots of your staff, event photography that immortalises special occasions, food photography to show off your restaurant/bar, or captivating venue space imagery that beckons clients and guests alike – I can offer the perfect blend of artistry and proficiency to cater to all your needs.


I do custom packages to suit your needs - use the contact form below to get things started!


When it comes to headshots, I go beyond merely capturing a person's likeness. I aim to reveal the essence of each individual, fostering an instant connection between you and your audience. I have a keen eye for detail and understanding of lighting techniques to ensure that your headshots exude professionalism and approachability, and make a lasting impression on clients, colleagues, and partners alike. 


For events, I aim to encapsulate the spirit of the moment, photographing events as they happen, as well as genuine reactions and candid moments. From corporate conferences and product launches to grand celebrations and awards ceremonies, I have the expertise to preserve the ambiance and excitement of your gathering. 

Food and Drink

My expertise lies in capturing the essence of the food and drink you offer, tailored to suit the unique ambiance of your venue. Whether it involves creating enticing visuals for a new menu, crafting engaging social media content, or capturing delectable items for online display, I specialise in showcasing the textures, colours, and flavours of your culinary creations. My ultimate goal is to entice and captivate your potential customers, making them eager to experience what you offer.


Venue and workspace photography is a great gateway for prospective clients and guests to envision their future experiences within your premises. Whether it's an elegant hotel, a wedding venue, a lively workplace, a chic restaurant, or a versatile event space, my images breathe life into the setting, enticing visitors and businesses alike.

I also have a drone that can capture your building from above and really show the location and ambience of the setting (drone video also available).